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Primanti Bros. Restaurant at The Highlands near Wheeling, WV
Primanti Bros.
255 Cabela Drive - Triadelphia, WV 26059
Phone: (304) 909-0239

Hours: Mon-Sun: 11am-Midnight
Reservations for Large Parties Accepted.
Happy Hour: Mon-Fri: 4pm-7pm | Sat: 9pm-11pm | Sun: 7pm-9pm

Primanti Bros., the famous Pittsburgh eatery, opened their new restaurant at The Highlands in Nov. '14. Steelers fans can forego the tailgate parties and just start hanging out here! Just be sure to wear your 'Black and Gold' or you won't get served. (Hey, just kiddin'!)

Primanti Bros. is super easy to find. Stay on the main road (Cabela Drive) going into The Highlands. They're just a hop, skip and a jump past Cabela's on the left-hand side. (For those not familiar with how we measure distances in West Virginia, a "hop, skip and a jump" = about 300 yards.)

Below is some of the "great food ... and lots of it" you can expect at Primanti Bros.

  • Every Sunday: 48-cent Wings (9 different sauces; Sweet to Tart or Mild to Yikes!)
  • Primanti Bros. "Almost Famous" Sandwich comes with your choice of salami, turkey or roast beef,
    topped with a generous serving of crunchy, tart cole slaw, a heapin' of crunchy French fries,
    and juicy slices of tomato on soft, Italian bread!
  • Made from scratch, hand-tossed pizzas. Plenty of toppings to choose from and real Italian spices.
  • "Smallman Street Fries". Crisp French fries loaded up with their "Almost Famous" chili, nacho cheese, bacon, jalapeños and sour cream! So messy but oh so good!
  • Grained-fed, sizzling Big Cheeseburger with your choice of cheese and fries. Gigantic & delicious!
  • Really Big Salads with fresh greens, veggies, cheese and salad dressing.
  • Spaghetti and meatballs smothered in a homemade sauce.
  • Primanti Bros. "Almost Famous" homemade chili.
  • Huge, piled high servings of Nachos.
  • Desserts so big and delicious even your belly button will be grinnin'!
  • Ice-cold beer. Served by the pint, pitcher or bottle.

With that kind of lip smackin' lineup Primanti Bros. is an odds-on favorite to score many new fans at The Highlands.
Be sure to check out Primanti Bros. website here.

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